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Serenia Hills Will Build Mini Clusters and Apartments in 2019

Serenia Hills was again honoured with an award at the Indonesia Property Awards 2018. At the event, Serenia Hills was awarded The Best High End Housing Development 2018 Jakarta and The Best High End Housing Development 2018 Indonesia. “We are very pleased that Serenia Hills has fulfilled the expectations of consumers for another year and has been awarded Best Housing Development,” said Ivan Ginardi, Head of Marketing at Serenia Hills. The award reflects the desire of residents to live in a complex such as Serenia Hills, where the concept of living connected to nature will continue to drive several new projects. “For the Serenia Hills project, we will have stage 1 of a mini cluster at the Regent,” said Ivan. He explained that the mini cluster project will be built with a smart home system that ensures the residents will feel safe and comfortable living in Serenia Hills. The plan for the first phase of the mini cluster will start to be implemented in the second quarter of 2019. In addition to the mini cluster, Serenia Hills will also present apartments with the tropical resort concept. The concept was deliberately created by Serenia Hills because of the large amount of green space contained within the complex. In addition, Ivan said he wanted the residents to feel the sensation of a holiday, like spending time at a resort in Bali. “We want to make it possible for residents to have everyday resort living,” said Ivan. Located in the prestigious Lebak Bulus area, Serenia Hills has easy access to urban infrastructure and other public facilities. To make it easier for residents to reach public facilities around the complex, Serenia Hills will provide shuttle buses for residents. The shuttle buses will transport residents to the hospital as well as the South Quarter office area and other public facilities.

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