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Transform an Extra Room into Your Personal Space


Having a private space for yourself at home can have benefits for your mental health – our hectic daily routines make it essential to take time for ourselves to unwind and recharge. Designing a room for this purpose can help you to relieve stress, increase your focus, and take much-needed breaks from your daily routine.

If you have an empty space that is not being used well, it may be time to turn it into a sanctuary that can help you to relax. Here are some ideas for your new room:

1. Workspace

Having a personal workspace is now, more than ever, a necessity due to the lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic. The global crisis has made the work-from-home policy the new norm for many people. It has been a challenging adjustment for many to work at home and continue to be as productive as they are at the office – to do this, it’s essential to have a workspace that is comfortable, efficient, and distraction-free, in order for you to fully focus and stay productive. Check online for tips to design a home office that suits your style.

2. Mini library

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” For booklovers, this could be a good time to follow the spirit of Borges and channel your hobby by creating a mini library. As we all know, books are a window to the world that can broaden your horizons, open up your mind, and of course, entertain you. With a mini library at home, you can create a fascinating world of books that is not only visually appealing, but can also give you an opportunity to share interesting stories with family and friends. Find some inspiration here.

3. Walk-in wardrobe

For fashion aficionados, how about using the empty space as your very own walk-in closet so that all your clothing collections are properly organized and neatly displayed. Shoes and bags in particular require a lot of space to be stored properly so that they retain their shapes and stay durable. With an organized storage system you can position clothes, shoes, and accessories in a more visible and spacious way, saving you time whenever you need to get changed. Here are some tips to get you started: 5 Closet Organization Ideas.

4. Studio

Creativity requires focus and calm. For artists or those with artistic hobbies, this is a good opportunity to convert the empty space into a studio. Having a studio within your own home allows you to explore your creative ideas whenever the muse hits you, without distractions. Find some ideas for converting your room into a creative studio here.

5. Children’s Playroom

Parents of young children may like the idea of turning the empty space into a play area. The purpose of having a children’s playroom is to provide more space and freedom to play, learn and explore, surrounded by their favorite books, tools or toys.

A special playroom for children can also introduce children to having responsibility for their own space, by teaching them to keep their space tidy and organize their toys. In addition, creating a child-safe space in the playroom will make it easier for you to monitor them.

To get started with your children’s playroom, click here.

6. Private Cinema

An exciting option is to turn an extra room in your home into a home cinema. With a large TV screen, soft sofa, and speakers with a clean surround sound, you can unwind by enjoying your favorite movies and spending time with your family. Find some tips for designing a private cinema at home here.

7. Fitness Room

Health is the most important asset we have, and creating a space dedicated to it is undoubtedly a good investment. Consider what kind of environment will support your fitness and wellbeing – should you stock up on sports equipment such as treadmills, barbells, and stationary bikes? Or do you need a more serene environment in which to develop your yoga practice, dance or do gymnastics? Click here for some inspiration.

Are you visualizing your very own dream room? For those of you who don’t have an extra room at home right now, see if you can take advantage of empty corners or empty spaces to create something special. And if you find yourself craving a house with plenty of space, Serenia Hills is ready to help you with its newest cluster, Sierra.

Each unit in this cluster provides a spacious home with plenty of room for your family: 3 bedrooms and 1 extra room that you can utilize for your dream project. Sierra is also integrated with Smart Home Technology to provide protection and convenience around the clock. Plus, the strategic location of Serenia Hills and its beautiful surroundings makes Sierra the best home investment in Jakarta right now. For more details, contact 021-7666 143.

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