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New Smart Home Innovations at Serenia Hills

After the success of the Smart Homes concept implemented in Quantum residences, Serenia Hills continues to innovate, this time through creating an application that will enhance convenience for its residents. “We are developing an application called ICollaborate,” said Ivan Ginardi, Head of Marketing at Serenia Hills.

Ivan explained that the ICollaborate application aims to facilitate residents in taking care of their homes. “So, for example, if Serenia Hills consumers have any problems in their homes, they can directly contact Estate Management from the application,” he said. Such problems might range from the need for assistance with functional issues within the home to a request for external maintenance of common areas.

Ivan said that the ICollaborate application has already begun to run but it is still at a testing stage and will undergo further development. In the future, this application will continue to evolve with the aim of continually making life easier and more comfortable for residents.

Serenia Hills has already made the Smart Homes feature available to residents of the Quantum cluster. This feature allows residents to control the security of their property through the application. Applications can be installed that will monitor their homes through CCTV. “So if residents are abroad or out of town, they can still monitor the situation through the application,” Ivan said.

Serenia Hills is committed to providing comfort and safety for all residents and the collaboration with Estate Management to develop the ICollaborate application is the latest evolution of this commitment.

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