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Serenia Hills Boosts Residents’ Comfort with Smart Home Features


Living in a big city where crime is a fact of life can create a feeling of worry, especially when leaving home. Conscious of this, Serenia Hills provides a solution to eliminate these concerns with the Smart Home features available in the Quantum cluster. Smart Home features have been incorporated in these residences to make it easier and safer for residents when they are away from home. Here are some features and benefits of Smart Home:

1. The Smart Home concept offers peace of mind when traveling

Smart Home has been designed to meet a diversity of needs. Some functions of this feature include facilitating access in and out of the home, facilitating the use of electronic devices and increasing overall security in the house.

Serenia Hills provides Smart Home facilities that serve to increase security for residents. This has been done in particular to serve residents who want to control and supervise their own homes while traveling. With the Smart Homes facility, residents do not need to worry any more when leaving home because they can monitor the condition of their residence at any time through their cellphones.

2. Using the latest advanced equipment

Serenia Hills always strives to provide the best for its residents, and the Smart Home feature is no exception. Prioritizing quality, Serenia Hills has collaborated with a leading technology manufacturer, Panasonic, to provide the equipment needed for the Smart Home facilities. This is the latest and most advanced range of technology that includes door closers, motion detectors, and CCTV.

Door closers that are installed in the windows and the main door will automatically ring if the window or door is forcibly opened. Motion detectors serve to monitor any movement in a room when the occupants are outside the residence. Usually, a motion detector is installed in the stairs area. Finally, CCTV allows residents to record or monitor all events that occur in ​​the house.

3. One application for all devices

With security and comfort in mind, Serenia Hills presents the Intiland Collaborate or iCollaborate application, which can easily be downloaded on residents’ mobile phones. Through this application, residents can monitor their homes even if they are traveling. If anything suspicious is observed, residents can immediately press the ‘Panic Button’ found in the iCollaborate application. By pressing the button, the occupants will be directly connected to the security control room, which will then immediately check the residence.

In addition to monitoring the home, the Intiland Collaborate application can also monitor traffic conditions through public CCTV installed around the Serenia Hills complex. This is done so that residents can find out the fastest road access to their destination. Not only that, iCollaborate is also a place to connect residents and management. Within the application, residents can submit complaints, collaborate, submit ideas, and obtain home improvement services.

Being able to feel secure when leaving home to carry out daily activities in a big city is an important aspect of personal wellbeing. The Smart Home feature used by Serenia Hills is designed to relieve worry and enhance the occupants’ sense of security and comfort while carrying out their daily routines or traveling for work or leisure. With this feature, residents no longer need to worry when leaving home for any duration.

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