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Serenia Hills: Modern and Beautiful Family Residences

When raising a family, the quality of the family home becomes an essential consideration. However, choosing a home for the family is not easy. Many factors must be considered before buying a house, especially if you already have children. A strategic location and an adequate environment for child rearing are indispensable in the selection of a family home suited to a busy urban lifestyle.

PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland) has created a housing complex in South Jakarta designed to meet the needs of active families, at Serenia Hills in Lebak Bulus. Here are just some of the reasons Serenia Hills may be the best home for you and your family:

1. Modern residences with beautiful themes

Based on research conducted by Zipjet, Jakarta is in 19th position on a list of the most stressful cities in the world. The study, published on, stated that the causes of this were poor air quality and social security.

For this reason, Serenia Hills presents an ideal solution because this 26-hectare complex offers a beautiful residential environment with fresher air and a high degree of security. Located in Lebak Bulus, Serenia Hills is situated in one of the greenest areas in Jakarta. Surrounded by greenery and trees, Serenia Hills offers good air and water quality close to the heart of the capital.

When it comes to security, this award-winning project from PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland) has CCTV facilities, smart home features, as well as trained 24-hour security personnel. So there’s no need to worry about home security, whether you are comfortably at home or traveling for business or leisure.

2. Strong environment and community

At the end of 2018, Serenia Hills was won the Best Landed Residential Development category for Indonesia at a prestigious property event, the 2018 Asia Property Awards held in Bangkok, Thailand. This award was won by Serenia Hills thanks to both the beautiful environment and the well-established residents’ community.

Distinct from most housing complexes in Jakarta, which tend to have an individualist approach, the residents of Serenia Hills are part of a community, connected to each other and to management in a way that contributes to a harmonious lifestyle. In addition, to facilitate communication between residents and management, Serenia Hills presents the Intiland Collaborate (iCollaborate) application where residents can find out the latest news about their residential environment and notify management immediately if they need assistance with any issues.

3. Latest technology

Serenia Hills is committed to providing comfort and safety to all residents. This commitment is evidenced by the creation of the Intiland Collaborate or iCollaborate application, which makes it easy for residents to interact directly with management. Through the application, which can be accessed on all smartphones, residents can notify management when there are technical problems in their homes, whether related to security, maintenance, or other issues.

Besides iCollaborate, Serenia Hills also offers smart home features in the Quantum cluster. In these homes, there is a smart security system that includes a motion detector, door closer, and CCTV. The motion detector is mounted in different zones of the house, so that when outside the home, residents will immediately be notified when suspicious movements are detected.

4. Property investment in the Jakarta area

Property is not only a place to live, but it can also be an investment in the future. The ever-rising land price increases further if the existing property is in a strategic location. To be regarded as strategic, the location should have easy access to public facilities such as hospitals, schools and health facilities, be close to public transportation and have easy access to toll roads.

Serenia Hills, located in the Lebak Bulus premium area, has all the hallmarks of a profitable investment. This beautiful housing complex has easy access to toll roads and public transportation such as the Transjakarta and MRT Jakarta. In addition, Serenia Hills is close to health facilities and schools that meet international standards.

Location is one of the most important factors when choosing a home especially for those who are building a new family. In choosing a location, every member of the family has to come into consideration. In addition to location, you also need to consider being in an environment and community that will enhance health, comfort, and security for your family’s dream home.

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