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Serenia Hills Fabulous Friday: Tips on Balancing Work and Accompanying School Children at Home

Property development company PT Intiland Development Tbk. held a marketing program called Fabulous Friday: Intiland Story, from early October to December of 2020. This event presented 17 of Intiland’s best properties in Surabaya, Tangerang, and Jakarta, one of which is Serenia Hills.

At the Fabulous Friday event, Serenia Hills explored the theme “Tips for Balancing Work and Accompanying School Children from Home” with Miss Universe Indonesia 2019 and TV Host, Zivanna Letisha, alongside the event host, Tiffany Raytama. During the event, Zivanna shared stories of how she divided her time between work and family during the pandemic.

The pandemic situation has moved many people’s habits and practices to the digital world, from school and work, to events that are usually carried out offline going online. This change was felt by Zivanna, especially when she had to adapt to the online learning system her child had to use when she first entered school. Zivanna had to not only pay more attention, but also provide deeper understanding to her child in order to allow her to feel comfortable adapting to the new situation.

Apart from caring for her children, Zivanna has a very busy daily life, from taking care of her work to managing online coaching. In order not to be overwhelmed, Zivanna divides her time by determining priorities that have been scheduled before starting activities. In addition, she also explained the importance of sharing childcare with her husband, so that whenever Zivanna was busy or working, her husband immediately stepped in to take care of the child’s activities.

Despite having a busy schedule, Zivanna always takes care to enjoy her private alone time, even if it means that she has to wake up early. Even if it’s just for a short time, she believes that you need some time to yourself so that you can refresh your mind and calm down. During this pandemic, it is very important to maintain mental health, especially with our daily lives at home. This is also done to maintain harmonious loving relations between family members.

An atmosphere at home that is comfortable and clean to live in and do activities also has an important role in creating stress-free conditions for children and families. In addition, pursuing activities that are outside the confines of your home but still within the residential environment, such as outdoor sports or playing with children, can also reduce our stress in carrying out routines at home.

For Zivanna, it is very important to live in a residence that can support all activities, especially a beautiful and comfortable green residence. Living next to nature is considered very good for children’s growth. “That’s one of the reasons I moved to an area surrounded by greenery, because at the end of the day, we will return to nature; nature is what brings us back to life.”

According to her, finding housing with ideal green areas in urban areas is very difficult. But fortunately, Serenia Hills covers all of their needs, starting from green areas, complete facilities, and housing that supports the activities of its residents. At this event, Ivan Ginardi as the Head of Marketing of Serenia Hills explained the residential offerings at South Grove and in Serenia Hills.

One of them is Sierra, Serenia Hills’ newest cluster, which consists of 42 units. Sierra offers three-story houses integrated with Smart Home technology. As a newly introduced residence, Sierra has an attractive promo called the Early Bird Promo where buyers get a discount of up to 5% for cash purchases. In addition, buyers also receive a free water purifier and water heater. Sierra also works with banks that provide mortgage subsidies of up to 5%.

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