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Top Considerations When Buying a Family Home


A home is one of the basic human needs for survival. Aside from providing shelter, it is also a place for families to grow and creating lasting memories, spending precious time with those who are closest to you. Finding the ideal setting for life’s most important moments is not an easy undertaking in Jakarta, and a number of considerations should be taken into account.

According to Andrew Kang, Associate Director of Corporate Marketing at PT Intiland Development Tbk., when choosing a home for the family, multiple needs should be considered – not only those of the head of the family. “All considerations must be weighed up, including those of spouses and children.” The location and accessibility of the property plays an important role when choosing a dream home for the family. A strategic location with ease of access to infrastructure, schools, hospitals, and public transportation can make it easier for you and your family to carry out daily activities.

However, it’s not only the location and accessibility that need to be considered. The environment and the surrounding community must also be taken into account when purchasing a family home in Jakarta. According to Andrew, environmental and community factors have a positive impact on the growth of children and on family dynamics more generally. Therefore, finding communities that are mutually supportive, exist within a comfortable environment and can avail of comprehensive facilities is also a key factor in the selection of the ideal home.

Andrew observed that suitable family homes are often found in well-established areas that have been specifically designed as residential areas for families. “When talking about facilities and comfort, especially for families, we can find these things in established suburban areas,” he said.

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