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Adorn Your Space With Lively Indoor Plants

When decorating a house, we often focus on filling the room with furniture. This often causes us to disregard many other potential objects that we can use as decoration, such as house plants. Living plants in your living space can add such rich colors and a natural feeling to your room. They also have various health benefits such as improving air quality, relieving stress, elevating mood, and increasing focus.

Here are 5 low-maintenance plants that can beautify your room:

1. Monstera

We often encounter this hip ornamental plant as a social media darling thanks to its potential as a very photogenic decoration. The unique shape of Monstera leaves not only adds an aesthetic element to the room, but the plant can also improve air quality thanks to its ability to produce oxygen, especially at night.

This plant can grow to fantastic heights, so it would be better if it was placed in a large room with extra space, such as the living room. Also, since Monstera does not like direct sunlight it is best to avoid places where it will be directly exposed. As an additional consideration, note that this plant can cause irritation and even be poisonous if its leaves are consumed by pets and children.

2. Boston Fern/Pakis Pedang

The Boston fern is a species of fern that comes from tropical areas. The frilled and smooth leaf shapes give an indoor jungle impression to your home. Also, if you don’t have the space to put them on the floor, you can hang them from the ceiling to give a statement to the room.

Caring for them is arguably pretty easy: you just need to keep humidity levels up around the Boston fern by spraying water on it once a week and keeping the soil moist so the plant doesn’t wilt. Position the plant in a shady place away from direct light, and voilà! That’s all there is to it.

3. Tillandsia

For those of you who don’t want to deal with soil, Tillandsia or air plants can be an option because these plants can survive without soil. Just like orchids, these tillandsia are classified as epiphytic plants or plants that attach to other plants without harming their hosts. The roots of this plant attach to objects such as trees and rocks. To beautify the room you can put Tillandsia on the terrarium. Just remember that Tillandsia is a tropical plant, and it requires a humid environment to survive. This plant can be beneficial as a natural air purifier in the house; they are even believed to absorb mercury compounds from the air.

4. Spider Plant / Lili Paris

Spider plants, which have the Latin name Chlorophytum Comosum, are the easiest plants to care for. Ornamental plants that have dangling leaves like spider plants will look prettier when hung on the wall or ceiling to give a natural impression. In addition, because this plant can grow in various conditions, a spider plant is the right choice for those who are beginners in the plant-caring game. It is very easy to maintain the plant: they prefer direct sunlight, humid air, and soil that is not too dry nor wet. According to NASA, spider plants are believed to be able to filter the air and improve the air quality in your home.

5. Baby Tears

Although from its appearance this plant looks delicate and tiny, this is inversely proportional to its ability to grow. Baby Tears or Soleirolia soleirolii, from the Urticaceae family, are perfect for adding color to the room. You can hang these plants dangling down, or plant them in a terrarium to add an aesthetic appeal to the room.

Caring for this plant is fairly easy for beginners, but it requires special attention to make it look more beautiful. Baby Tears love indirect light and bright places, so make sure the soil is kept moist but not wet to ensure the roots won’t rot. High humidity and good air circulation can help Baby Tears plants grow more densely.

Keeping plants such as these indoors can be a fun new hobby because they are fairly easy to care for and only occasionally need special attention. The existence of plants in the house aside from being beneficial for health also adds color to our homes.

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