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The Benefits of Living Closer To Nature


Living in urban areas makes a person more susceptible to stress. This is due to many kinds of issues such as social inequality, crime, discrimination, overcrowding, noise, pollution, and other intense factors that can trigger depression and anxiety.

To reduce the negative effects of living in cities, choosing a place to live that has beautiful surroundings can be a solution for a better life. This is due to the fact that we often don’t realize that living in a green environment has many benefits for our health. Health benefits include improved mental health, physical health and physical activity.

According to the WHO report, individuals living in urban areas with more green space have been shown to experience reduced stress levels and increased well-being compared to groups with poorer availability of green space.

If you are looking for a new home, maybe you should consider living in green surroundings. Here are four benefits you can get from living close to nature:

1. Positive Influence on Health

A natural environment can affect mental health, relieve stress, and improve physical health. Green environments such as parks can motivate people to do outdoor activities, such as exercising and socializing with other people. Outdoor activities such as exercise can certainly improve one’s overall health.

In Japan there is a relaxation therapy called forest bathing; as in immersing oneself in a forest atmosphere. This therapy is an activity of enjoying nature, trying to absorb the aroma of the trees and listening to the sounds of nature. This therapy has several benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and increasing endorphin hormones that trigger feelings of happiness. It is safe to say that to be able to live in close proximity to green areas can reduce levels of anxiety and depression, and lower stress.

2. Motivation to Do Physical Activity

Most people like outdoor activities, especially those involving nature, with shaded spaces and clean, fresh air. 

When compared to exercising indoors, exercising outdoors results in better revitalization as well as increased energy, which itself has the effect of reducing depression, anger and tension. Additionally, by exercising in a green environment, our mind becomes more relaxed when presented with calming views of nature, making exercise more fun as well.

3. Cleaner Air

Trees and foliage plants are the best way to reduce pollution and improve air quality in cities. Trees can remove other gaseous pollutants through the stoma on the leaf surface by absorbing them with normal air components. Trees can reduce air pollution, sulfur dioxide, ozone (O3), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and small particles.

4. Reducing Anthropogenic Noise

For those who live in urban areas, we are often exposed to noise pollution from vehicle noise and urban activities. Noise pollution is a threat to human health; the noise in the city adds to our stress and disturbs our emotional stability. Within green spaces, city noises can be mitigated by natural sounds such as the breeze moving through the leaves, and creatures such as birds or insects. Living in an area that has green spaces allows a greater sense of peace and restfulness without being disturbed by city noise.

Trees and green environments have benefits for our health. This also applies if we live in beautiful housing in green environments, because the existence of a park or green space will encourage people to go outside and increase the social involvement of fellow neighbors. Green environments can help people feel more connected with nature, as well as allowing them to reinvigorate themselves by reducing tension and stress.

Seeing the need for a green environment to improve the physical and mental health of the people of the capital, Intiland has developed housing with tropical themes within a beautiful and green environment at Serenia Hills.

The residences, which are located in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, are surrounded by a lush green environment with various beautiful leafy trees and a variety of flora. By staying in Serenia Hills, you can experience more natural nuances that are rarely found in cities. All of these are designed for residents to be able to breathe cleaner air, to enjoy the cool shade provided by the lush trees during physical activities, and also to create a more pleasant environment to live in.

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