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Serenia Hills Through the Eyes of its Residents

The Serenia Hills housing complex is not only a quality property, but also provides the best possible service and environment for its residents. This can be seen from the testimonies of the residents themselves, who describe the various benefits that they have experienced in their time living at Serenia Hills.

Two residents of Serenia Hills, Alia (32) and Listianingrum (59), shared their stories about their experiences living in Serenia Hills and enjoying the various facilities and services of the complex. They noted many things that they haven’t found in other houses besides Serenia Hills. Here are some of the unique benefits of Serenia Hills, seen through the eyes of its residents:

1. Easy access to various public facilities

Serenia Hills, located in the premium area of Lebak Bulus, has easy access to various key parts of the city as well as public facilities provided by the government. Alia described the ease of going to various locations in Jakarta: “We’re not too far from the city center. So if we want to shop, everything is close by. And then, we’re also near the main road, so it really feels connected,” Alia said.

As is well known, Serenia Hills enjoys a strategic location in South Jakarta. This is because Serenia Hills is flanked by two toll roads, with easy access to public transportation and surrounded by various public facilities such as schools, hospitals and shopping centers.

2. The atmosphere is safe and beautiful, in the middle of the city

The security system and the environmental beauty of the complex are two factors that are highly appreciated by the residents of Serenia Hills. A green environment that is well cared for and maintained is a major factor in this complex, which emphasises the concept of nature – something that the community has really responded to. “When I saw the park, I immediately wanted to buy a house here. Everything is so comfortable and nice. Our garden is really lovely,” said Listianingrum.

With many green areas and spaces, Serenia Hills has also made a jogging track so that residents who want to exercise inside the complex can keep fit in the midst of a beautiful environment. Alia mentioned that she and her husband often enjoy the facility at night. The adequate lighting and wide green spaces make them feel comfortable and safe to exercise and destress after a day of activity. “I like to walk at night because it’s bright enough, peaceful and the air is delicious. The security here is so good that we never have to worry,” said Alia.

3. An emphasis on the importance of family

While living in a large and spacious complex, the residents of Serenia Hills do have close relationships with each other. Close relationships develop not only between residents but also with management personnel such as the Estate Management team and the security team. The good relations between residents and management are demonstrated by the frequent events held by Serenia Hills residents themselves such as breaking fast together during Ramadan, having picnics and organising events to celebrate August 17th.

These familial relationships within the complex do not only apply on special occasions. Listianingrum explained how the security team helped her when a large plant in her yard collapsed. According to Listianingrum, before she had a chance to even ask, the Serenia Hills security personnel were there to help her. “I am moved when I remember that moment! And the security here is always alert like that, always quick to respond,” she said.

4. An investment that is right for the family

Serenia Hills offers not only a comfortable home for families but also a long-term investment. Serenia Hills has a commitment to always offer the best to its residents in terms of location, environment, security, and facilities, a level of quality that can be relied upon.

Alia, who works as an interior designer, appreciates the quality of the building materials used by Serenia Hills in each of their homes. “I am familiar with the field of property development, so I know what to look for in a building. Here the quality of everything is good, from the walls, roofs, and windows, to the doors, everything.” Having seen the quality of materials and construction, Alia said that she did not hesitate to buy the house she currently occupies.

These stories from residents such as Alia and Listianingrum show that Serenia Hills prioritizes the comfort and safety of residents for the long term. There are good reasons why this residential complex holds the title of Best Housing Development: we invite you to find out for yourself by joining the Serenia Hills family and building a wonderful life in a beautiful environment.

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