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Why Do People Want to Live at Serenia Hills?

The Serenia Hills complex, developed by PT Intiland Development Tbk., is an innovative project designed to meet the needs of Indonesian families. With a beautiful concept, Serenia Hills is more than just a residence because you can enjoy many facilities, services, and security that are provided for the convenience of its residents. With the most comprehensive possible facilities and services provided, residents will not automatically need to look for additional facilities outside the Serenia Hills area. Starting from its integrated housing management, through to the wholehearted service of the management team, here are 4 advantages of Serenia Hills that make this housing complex different from the others:

1. Winner of the title of Best Housing Development

Serenia Hills is committed to providing the best for each of its residents. This is indicated by the quality of the building, security, facilities, and the management team that is always on call to help residents. With this commitment, Serenia Hills has won recognition from the worlds of both domestic and international property.

In 2016, Serenia Hills won the award for the Best Housing Development (Indonesia) category at the Indonesia Property Awards. And it doesn’t stop there, in 2018 Serenia Hills again won recognition from prestigious property events in Asia, the Asia Property Awards. At the event held in Bangkok, Thailand, Serenia Hills managed to bring home the award for the Country Winner–Best Housing/Landed Development (Indonesia) category.

These awards recognise the fact that Serenia Hills always strives to provide the best quality to its residents.

2. Developed by PT Intiland Development Tbk.

The achievements of Serenia Hills are closely relate to the credibility and professional reputation of the developer who created it, namely PT Intiland Development Tbk. Intiland is always seeking to present innovative projects to meet the diverse needs of the Indonesian people.

Through aligning itself with the ‘Stay on the Blue Line’ campaign, Serenia Hills has become one of Intiland’s leading properties because of its strategic location. Serenia Hills is located just minutes from the Lebak Bulus MRT and TransJakarta stations. In addition to the advantages of its location, complete facilities for the needs of Indonesian families are also one of the main attractions for residents.

3. Estate Management

Not only a place to live, Serenia Hills also provides comfort and a reassuring sense of closeness to management with the continuous presence and accessibility of the Estate Management team. The Estate Manangement division is core part of Serenia Hills, and is tasked with helping and serving residents if there are any problems in their homes, whether related to electricity, water, leaks, and much more. This service has been made particularly effective with the iCollaborate application that makes it easy for residents to use their mobile phones to submit suggestions and complaints to be immediately handled by management.

4. Various Facilities To Meet Residents’ Needs

The Serenia Hills management is very attentive to the diverse needs of each resident. So it is not surprising that Serenia Hills provides various facilities to support their needs and provide comfort and convenience for its residents. From the well-equipped clubhouse with a gym, to the swimming pool and futsal field, estate management, 24-hour security, and other supporting facilities such as jogging tracks where people can exercise while enjoying the green environment within the housing complex.

In addition to its strategic location, the four points above reveal just some of the advantages of living at Serenia Hills, an attractive complex with a beautiful concept. Serenia Hills, developed by renowned developer Intiland, seeks to always provide the best services, facilities and quality for its residents. In addition, with the presence of the exceptional Estate Management team, residents can easily find help and advice whenever they need it. With complete facilities, an environment that is family-friendly, and green surroundings, it’s no wonder Serenia Hills is such a popular residential complex in South Jakarta.

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