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The Estate Management Team: Focused on Resident Experience

Serenia Hills is a residential project by PT Intiland Development Tbk. that has won various prestigious awards such as the Golden Awards Best Housing Award and Best Landed Residential Development at the 2020 FIABCI-REI Excellence Awards. Serenia Hills is committed to providing only the best for its residents, starting from its marketing team, development team, estate management team, and other personnel.

The Serenia Hills Estate Management Team focuses on continually improving housing quality and resident satisfaction, and takes responsibility for all aspects of the housing complex, from environmental management to house maintenance and community relations.

“If residents at Serenia Hills have complaints or suggestions, we as the management team are very open to them and welcome them. We have also prepared a service hotline number that can accommodate any questions or complaints from residents. We do not want any distance between the residents and the management team, so we are ready to help with any kind of problem, big or small,” said Reza, a member of Serenia Hills Estate Management Team.

In addition to the responsibility for personal complaints, Estate Management is also responsible for every house in Serenia Hills. According to Reza, Serenia Hills performs regular household maintenance and care such as washing the water tanks every six months to keep the water pristine and prevent algae growth. Not only that, the management team also redoes the waterproofing every three to five years to prevent the problem of leakage through the concrete roof of the house.

Cleanliness and environmental beauty are also important for Serenia Hills. For this reason, the complex, which is surrounded by green areas, carries out routine garbage removal and takes regular care of the trees and grass in residential areas every day. This is done so that the cleanliness and beauty of the Serenia Hills environment is maintained. In addition, public facilities such as street lights, public roads, and other facilities are also regularly maintained to provide a sense of comfort to residents.

To strengthen relationships between residents, Estate Management organizes events or activities that involve Serenia Hills residents. A variety of events are held, such as meetings and celebrations on big days like Indonesian Independence Day and religious holidays.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Estate Management team continued to strive to maintain the safety and comfort of residents. “Actually, when talking about this, it’s not just talking about estate management, but the community as a whole. So we involve the citizens too. We never stop campaigning to our residents about the importance of health and we always promote how to use masks and wash hands,” said Reza.

Reza added that Serenia Hills also sanitizes at the entrances, and regularly sprays disinfectants in residential areas and public facility areas. In public areas such as pedestrian areas, sinks are provided for everyone to wash their hands so that hygiene is maintained in the Serenia Hills residential area.

Through the Estate Management Team, Serenia Hills strives to improve the quality of housing by providing two-way communication with residents. Through this communication, Serenia Hills aspires to continue to develop and innovate in providing the best for its residents. In addition, Estate Management is also a forum for residents to get to know each other through joint events such as the 17s competition on Indonesian Independence Day, breaking fast together during Ramadan, and many others.

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