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Choosing the Right Cluster for Your Family at Serenia Hills


Houses are an essential part of life, but many home buyers want something that goes beyond the basics. To meet the needs of residents who prioritise a high quality of life in South Jakarta, property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk developed the Serenia Hills Housing Estate, an exclusive housing complex with a focus on nature in the middle of the city.

With an area of ​​26 hectares, Serenia Hills is composed of various clusters that meet diverse community needs. Serenia Hills currently has six clusters with various facilities and types of houses. The following characteristics are relevant in choosing a cluster at Serenia Hills:

1. Various Types of Houses

The six clusters at Serenia Hills provide a range of home design choices based on residents’ needs.

For example, for families with four to five family members, a home in the Signature cluster could be the right choice. These spacious homes are also equipped with private swimming pools, adding to the sense of luxury and leisure of this residence.

For a young family in search of a home with a modern design, the Serenia Hills cluster, Quantum, would be an appropriate option. In addition to its exceptional design features, Quantum is a smart home, making it easy for you to monitor the condition of your residence via a mobile phone.

2. Security

The Serenia Hills complex prioritises the security and comfort of every resident. For this reason, the entire Serenia Hills Estate is equipped with CCTV and 24-hour security. Each entrance to Serenia Hills is also equipped with a bump gate that can only be accessed by resident cards. In addition, members of the Serenia Hills community can also use the panic button feature found in Intiland’s iCollaborate application in case of an emergency. This application can be accessed by all residents to facilitate communication with the management of Serenia Hills.

3. Facilities

The Estate is equipped with various facilities such as a gym, clubhouse, children’s playground, a dedicated Estate Management, and much more. With this variety of facilities for residents, you can focus on choosing a house according to the features and design that suits you best. If you want to be as close to the clubhouse, with its various sports facilities and amenities, you can choose from the Regent, Signature or Venture clusters.

4. Green Areas

With its natural concept, Serenia Hils is surrounded by a green environment where all plants and trees are well cared-for. Fruit trees are planted in certain areas, allowing residents to pick their own fruit directly as soon as it is ripe.

You can enjoy the green environment in every corner of Serenia Hills. However, if you want to enjoy a green view from the living room of your house, perhaps the Ultimate cluster would be your preferences. However, within all clusters the natural landscapes give the feel of a fresh mountain atmosphere in the heart of South Jakarta.

5. Easy Access and Surrounded by Public Facilities

Serenia Hills has two access points connecting it to Lebak Bulus, namely Jalan Pertanian and Jalan Karang Tengah Raya (via Villa Delima). Choose the Regent or Signature cluster if you want to live closer to the entrances. In addition to these two access points, Serenia Hills will open a  future access to the Cirendeu area towards Banten. To get the closest access to this area, you can choose between the existing Titan and Venture clusters, both West and East Venture.

With numerous access points to Lebak Bulus and Cirendeu, Serenia Hills is in an extremely strategic location surrounded by public facilities such as international schools, world-class hospitals, and shopping centers. In addition, this exclusive housing complex has easy access to transportation and public infrastructure such as the Transjakarta, Jakarta MRT and JORR toll road.

Serenia Hills is committed to providing comfort and safety for its residents. Whichever cluster you choose, the Serenia Hills Housing Estate provides a comprehensive security service with 24 hours of trained security and CCTV. If ever it is ever necessary to file a complaint or report an emergency, residents can quickly contact estate personnel through the iCollaborate application. In addition, the Estate Management team, which acts as an intermediary between residents and management, is always there to assist and support your resident needs.

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