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Top 7 Questions about Living in Serenia Hills

Serenia Hills is a residential complex developed by renowned property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk. Intiland, which has decades of experience in the property sector, always strives to meet the needs of the Indonesian people. Their commitment to providing the best homes and facilities for their communities has made Intiland’s projects attractive to many people, and this is particularly true of Serenia Hills in South Jakarta.

In their conversations with prospective buyers, the management of Serenia Hills often hear the same questions. Serenia Hills Head of Marketing, Ivan Ginardi, shared with us the 7 questions most frequently asked by prospective buyers when deciding to buy a house in Serenia Hills:

1. What is the unit price and what is the payment method?

Unit prices and payment methods are of course details that many people ask about before deciding to buy a house. When it comes to Serenia Hills, each cluster has a different price. This is because each cluster has different architectural designs and features. However in every cluster, residences can be paid for using hard cash, cash installments or bank installments.

2. What is the size of the building and the area of the land?

The area of ​​a house and building is also important information for people buying their dream home. Serenia Hills has several clusters with a range of property sizes and different room dimensions. Serenia Hills representatives will be happy to explain these and show you the options available.

3. What facilities are available to the residents of Serenia Hills?

When purchasing a house, people do not only consider the building itself, but also the facilities provided by the housing complex. Recognising the importance of providing a range of facilities to meet the needs of residents, Serenia Hills provides a comprehensive variety of facilities including a swimming pool, gym and mini soccer field. Affordable fees cover the cost of maintenance of these facilities. In addition, Serenia Hills has a multipurpose room located at the Estate Management Office, which residents can use for various events. Serenia Hills also provides a children’s playground, a jogging track, and a beautiful garden so that residents can enjoy family time outdoors.

4. What are the features of Serenia Hills?

Location is an important factor in finding a home for the family. Access to public amenities is crucial, so this is one of the questions most asked by prospective buyers. Serenia Hills, located in the premium area of ​​Lebak Bulus, has close access to various public facilities such as hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and public transportation, and it is also flanked by two toll roads. Situated in a strategic location, living at Serenia Hills makes it easy for residents to carry out their daily routine in the capital.

5. How is the security at Serenia Hills?

Having a feeling of safety is one of the factors that prospective buyers want to ensure before deciding to buy a house. So naturally, prospective buyers will enquire about the level of security of a house. Serenia Hills provides a security gate for each cluster with extra supervision by the security personnel. In addition, Serenia Hills also provides features such as CCTV in several locations within the complex, as well as panic buttons in each house. In the Quantum cluster, Serenia Hills provides a Smart Home feature that allows homeowners to monitor their homes at all times via their mobile phones.

6. Are there environmental management fees?

Each housing complex has environmental management fees to assist in maintaining the cleanliness, safety and comfort of residents. Just like most residential complexes, Serenia Hills has environmental management fees that are paid monthly by residents. This management fee is used to maintain the beauty and tidiness of the residential complex, so that residents can continuously enjoy the comfort and beauty of the Serenia Hills environment.

7. How long will it take to build a house in Serenia Hills?

Serenia Hills has successfully built a contented community by fulfilling their needs and providing a beautiful environment in the middle of the city. So it’s not surprising that many prospective buyers are enthusiastically asking how long it will take to build a new house in Serenia Hills. The construction of houses in Serenia Hills operates according to a predetermined schedule, which Serenia Hills strives to follow in an accurate and timely way.

Those are the seven questions that are most often asked by prospective buyers about Serenia Hills. Basically, comfort and safety are the two main things that prospective buyers want to ascertain before deciding to buy a house in Serenia Hills. How about you?

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